Reading is the Staff of Life


My grandmother always used to say “Anyone who can read can cook.”  She said it in a kind of ‘whatever’ way, like cooking was really no big deal, and nothing to be proud of.  After lots of experience with cooking and (amateur) cooks, I’ve come to believe there are two kinds of cooks – those who can look in the refrigerator or the cupboard, see what’s there, know what goes together, pour this and that into the pot, stir, taste, wrinkle their forehead, scramble through the cupboard for the thing that’s missing, add that, and come up with a delicious meal.  And the second kind, those who can’t do any of those things, but know how to read!  My husband is the first kind of cook, I am the second.  But here’s the thing – isn’t it great that there are recipes?  So that those of us who have no cooking sense can still make fabulous meals?


Above is a picture of my white bread, from the recipe I read in the Good Housekeeping cookbook and have made so many times (usually around once or twice a week now) that I know it by heart.  Super easy and super delicious.  And all thanks to a book! 


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