Ubi-marketing: does it have to be this way?

On the menu: Pasta with grilled tuna

I’m reading: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua


Sigh.  I quit Facebook a year or two ago, mostly because I felt like everyone on there was always trying to sell me something.  In the nicest possible way, of course.  And frequently things that I actually wanted.  But I just get so tired of being sold to.  And I can’t help but feel like it wasn’t always like this, like back in the day – even back in my day – it was possible to go places and do things and read stuff and think about things without it being just an indication of something else you might like to buy.  And sometimes it feels like all of Facebook – indeed, all of social media – is just a bunch of people waving their arms around and saying, hey, look at me.  There’s nothing wrong with that – sometimes being looked at is exactly what you want.  But it reminds me of the Princess thing.

When Ms Slinky was small(er), I didn’t want to buy her princess stuff.  It wasn’t that I had anything against princesses per se, just that it felt like princesses were completely crowding out the market, and that soon there would be nothing but princesses for everyone.  As it turned out, I worried needlessly: Ms Slinky likes princesses well enough, but she loves dinosaurs.  But this is my thing about being sold to all the time.  I just want there to be another state of being besides commercialism.

So I have decided to carve out this little corner of the internet and try to make a space for myself that isn’t being bought or sold.  A temple in the marketplace maybe.  Or just a little section of the garden with a chair and an umbrella and some red roses and a bit of really good sunscreen.  We’ll see how it goes.  Maybe all this is just my frustration that *I’m* a particularly bad seller, and the feeling that my writing career never took off because I didn’t relentlessly promote myself.  Or maybe I really mean it that I’m looking for satisfaction out of life, not success.

Let’s find out.




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