One More Thing

On the Menu: will it ruin my gourmet reputation to admit we had cheese and crackers?  it was really good cheese though…

I’m Reading: Re-reading Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy.  Again.

I need a hobby.  Not that I really have time for a hobbit – I mean, hobby.  (That really was an accidental slip!)  But the last time I kept a blog, there was a lot of whiny stuff in it about how long it was taking editors to answer my e-mail, and stories about my kids that were really only funny to me.  It would be so much better to keep a blog that follows the ups and downs of my pursuit of One Thing.  Unfortunately, I don’t really have time to take up a hobby, so maybe I’ll just make one up.  Hey, that’s a great idea.  I have to drive in to work tomorrow, that gives me thirty minutes there and thirty minutes back to invent a fascinating imaginary hobby that lots of other enthusiasts (or, perhaps, imaginary ones) will follow with great interest.  Ooh, I can even write my own comments, where the imaginary enthusiasts argue back and forth with each other over whether or not I’m successful at whatever imaginary thing I’m doing.

Or maybe I should just write another book.


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  1. mark osborne

    I have a few suggestions for a hobby…

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